Who are the Superheroes?

About The Company

Superhero Studios was founded on a few core principles; do awesome, enjoy doing it, and make a difference. Simple as it sounds, we do what we do because we love it. The fact we do, is what makes our work good. We've poured a lot of our lives into learning the trade and we are very proud of where we are. We want to share that with the world while helping companies share their passions.

When we take on a client we don't just create, we partner with them… we learn what their goals are and we listen and advise. We find it builds the highest-quality products they truly wanted to create.

In today's culture, Superheroes are people who do colossal amounts of good, who's intentions are pure and who mostly couldn't, or wouldn't want to be someone else. We share much of the same ideology.

The Office

We're situated in the heart of Cardiff Bay on Bute Street. We're surrounded by bars, coffee shops and the sea so do feel free to stop by for a chat (or an ice cream.)

The People

We're currently comprised of Zach Inglis and a group of freelancing sidekicks. This allows us to be nimble and truly pick the right person for your job. Each job is different; so having the flexibility to pick and choose gives us the best person to give you the best job.

Picture of Creative Director, Zach Inglis

Zach Inglis
Creative Director

A 26 year old vagabond, Zach is both a strong designer and developer. He has run countless projects large and small to completion in a variety of roles. You can see his updates on Twitter or read his longer-form articles on his blog.

Like what you see?

We are always looking for new people and companies to come join the leagues of happy clients we have worked with over the years. Want to build something new, or want to enhance something you already have? We understand the challenges both take and would be a fantastic asset in your quest for awesomeness. Be sure to contact us to see how we can help you. Consider us your web partners.

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Filling out the project planner is the easiest way to get us to send you a proposal back.

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