One of our strongest beliefs is that the right way to run projects is by following agile methodologies. We work collaboratively and keep ourselves adaptive. Testing changes means that we can truly gauge feedback and learn. What works now, may not in the future and keeping the door open to reiterate allows room for evolution and freedom for it to realise its ultimate potential.


A vital part of all processes, strategy should never be overlooked. While there is nothing wrong with evolving an idea while you build a product or website, working out the path of the application beforehand makes for a much smoother process. We have many years experience working on websites of all sizes, we know what works and we can share that with you along the journey. Not only does it make a better product, it means time and money is not pushed into unneeded features and means there's more budget for the features that really matter. Our multi-disciplined background means we know exactly how to plan and prepare your project with you.


We have strong opinions about the best practices of development, and it has proved successful being that way many times in our history. For example we believe in testing first; keeping the codebase strong, keeping any inconsistencies to the minimum and generally bullet-proofing the code. We're Ruby programmers through and through. We try other languages, and are always on the lookout for the next great one, but Ruby consistently wins for us so we continue to use it. If you're looking for an application that will stand the test of time, then we can definitely help you.

User Experience (UX)

Ever shouted at a website because it was frustrating you? Swore to never use them again because they couldn't fulfil your needs? Likewise, have you ever described to someone what a dream or how easy it was to use another website? A building block of design, User Experience dictates the way websites flow, the reasoning behind elements existing, or not. It is the reason why companies are made or broken. Put simply; without good user-experience, consumers find it hard or sometimes even impossible to give you money or enjoy your service. We help you work out the best way to create the best experience we can for your visitors. We do this with discussion, creating a lean prototype of your website and by using many research methodologies to truly delve into your consumer's minds.


A wow-factor is always a great message to send to your consumers. Our designs are not only great aesthetically, they're reasoned designs that have been finely tuned to explain your brand message. To make your visitor feel comfortable, to feel they can buy, to socialise, or whatever you want to convey. Designing well is to to push the project to the limit of reaching it's goals, while keeping the taste personal to the client. We know not all websites should look the same and have a diverse range of aesthetics that we can tap into. Not all websites should look the same. We have lots of taste and variety for creating stunning designs tailored to giving the correct message to your consumer.

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We are always looking for new people and companies to come join the leagues of happy clients we have worked with over the years. Want to build something new, or want to enhance something you already have? We understand the challenges both take and would be a fantastic asset in your quest for awesomeness. Be sure to contact us to see how we can help you. Consider us your web partners.

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