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We love working with all kinds of companies, from popular web apps to local businesses. This is a selection of the projects we've worked on, and businesses we've helped over the last few years.

We worked with

Funding Circle

We joined the fantastic FundingCircle design team mid-crunch, helping them design pages to achieve their launch date.

We work regularly with


Originally hired to design a book, we have continued to work with them on more books, their own website, and other user focused resources.

We worked with


We were part of the core team for the Context app, which provides an easy way for design teams to share their progress and provide helpful feedback. We were responsible for helping with product development and UX, designs for both the app and the website, pattern design, and we helped organise the launch party.

We worked with

Edelman Deportivo

We recently built a website for Renault, teaming up with Edelman Deportivo, the Swedish creative hub for the world's largest communications agency Edelman. As part of the upcoming campaign Dating Reversed, we worked with Edelman's concept to build the site that accepted all their applications.

We mentored at


We were design mentors to nine fantastic companies taking part in the Urban-X accelerator program, helping them with branding, UX, web and app design.

We worked on

USA Today's Reviewed.com

We had a long-term contract with Reviewed, where we worked closely with their team to help fine tune their UX and implement new components.

We organise


We're the founders and organisers of HybridConf, an annual travelling two-day conference that has been running for the past four years. Hybrid is aimed at creatives of every kind, and focuses on important skills like teamwork and learning, whilst providing a fun and welcoming environment where everyone can meet new friends.

We worked with


We teamed up with awesome new agency Convivio to develop their identity. After a full day collaborative branding workshop, we designed their logo and created a complete set of brand guidelines for them to use on their site, their blog, and printed materials.

We worked with


We've helped major investors SOSV with their branding, and improving their website, as well as mentoring and designing for several of the accelerator programs under their umbrella.

We worked with


We've worked with unsubscribe app Unroll.me several times, including working on the web design and development for their Spammies Awards.

We worked with


We recently helped solar provider Ampion to redesign their enrolment form and dashboard to provide a much better experience for both their operators and end users. We worked together with their awesome team to deliver comprehensive sets of wireframes and designs, and also created versions of the designs that integrated with their partners.

We worked with


We've teamed up with Mozilla on several occasions. We lead a major development project and designed elements of the website for their Camino OS X web browser's.

We worked with

Angel Inn

We designed and built the website for historic pub The Angel Inn, as well as designing various postcards, adverts, and other print materials for them.

We worked with

Industrial / Organic

We helped I/O with their rebrand, including designing their new logo, and illustrated an infographic for them to explain their recycling process.

We worked with

Nerdy With Children

Nerdy with Children is a blog and store where parents can buy nerdy, geeky, and fun products for their children. We worked with them to design their identity and original website.

We worked with


We designed a brand new identity including logo and pattern design, and marketing website for Swirrrl, an stats and analysis platform.

We worked with

MotherBaby Summit

We built MotherBaby a brand new website, with much improved UX, easy-to-find content, new sections for each of their event locations, and a clean, modern design.

We worked with


We designed Multimer's logo and helped with their rebranding, and the design for web pages for their new business direction.

We worked with


Brusheezy is a well known and regarded resource for web designers around the world. We worked closely with their team to implement changes and help flesh out features for them.

We created


We made the Ruby gem Crummy for adding breadcrumbs to your Ruby applications, and it has had over 270,000 downloads.

We were part of

Rails Rumble

We've contributed to popular hackathon Rails Rumble for several years, including designing their site and identity, and judging entries.

We tech edited

Pro Javascript Development

We were the tech editors for Den Odell's great Javascript book from Apress, which involved testing all the code examples, and giving our advice.

We contributed to

FreeAgent's Field Guide

FreeAgent asked us to contribute our advice to their incredibly useful book, A Field Guide to Freelancer Finances.

We worked with


Reevoo is a platform for reviews used by the likes of eBuyer, British Airways and Nintendo. During the early days we redesigned their web app to make it more appealing so that it matched the quality of the features.

We created


We created the popular blog 1796Foods, where we eat, photograph, and write about 1796 of the world's must-try foods. It was nominated for a Wales Blog Award, and has featured in several newspapers and online magazines.

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